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Interview Series: Issue 3

Strengthening Africa-Asia Relations

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June 2021

ASEACC Advisory Board Chairman Paulo Gomes shares his vision for African countries, including francophone regions and their relations with Asia, highlighting the key challenges for their businesses and entrepreneurs in today’s world.










About Mr Paulo Gomes

Mr Paulo Gomes is the Chairman of the Advisory Board of the Africa Southeast Asia Chamber of Commerce since 2014. The IMF Institute graduate has been working in the business and investment sector since 1995. Over the years, he has held several notable posts, such as the executive director of the World Bank Group and principal advisor at the Ministry of Finance of Guinée-Bissau. Mr Gomes has also co-founded New African Capital Partners and Constelor Investment Holdings, where his work focuses on the investment sector and providing financial advisory in Africa.

The Interview

What is the importance of the French language in the business world where English is the dominant language? Are there instances when differences in language create obstacles instead of opportunities in the business world? How were these difficulties overcome? What advice would Mr Gomes give to those who wish to start a business in the francophone world, especially in French-speaking African countries? 

To find out, download the full interview.


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Special thanks to ASEACC Advisory Board Chairman Mr Paulo Gomes, Assistant Director of the Centre of Language Studies at the National University of Singapore Dr Daniel Chan

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