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Interview Series: Issue 4
Ar. Rudy Taslim's projects in Africa

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January 2022

Ar. Rudy Taslim, founder of Genesis Architects, shares his motivation for his projects in Africa, his architectural experiences in Mozambique, The Democratic Republic of the Congo and Rwanda, as well as his future ambitions for Genesis Architects.










About Ar. Rudy Taslim

Ar. Taslim studied Architecture in Singapore and Australia. He graduated top of his cohort and was conferred Valedictorian in 2008.

As Managing Director, Rudy leads project teams for both architectural and interior design projects in Singapore and beyond. His practical tenacity and attention to detail also make him a natural leader in the areas of design and project management. 

About Genesis Architects

Genesis Architects, a Singapore-based architectural practice, founded by Rudy, has gained recognition for its multi-disciplinary integrative approaches, innovative ideas, as well as profound awareness of the local contexts in which these projects operate; and has delivered high-quality works since its inception.

The practice also works on architectural projects that are mission-aligned and serves the marginalized people. GA believes architecture is a strong tool that can positively transform environments, lives and future generations. The practice is headquartered in Singapore but has handled key projects across the globe - Australia and New Zealand, to Taiwan and The Maldives and various countries in the continent of Africa, from Rwanda to Mozambique and the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC).

The Interview

How did Genesis Architects come about having projects in Africa? What sort of projects has Genesis Architects carried out in Africa? What does Rudy hope to achieve with Genesis Architects? 

To find out, download the full interview.

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Special thanks to Rudy Taslim and Lam Bao Yan

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