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OKINKA African Art Exhibition Singapore

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As precious as the memory of the famed last queen of Guinea-Bissau, Queen Okinka Pampa Kanyimpa, comes a collection, for the first time, in Singapore, of artwork which represents some of the best the continent of Africa has to offer. A wide range of exquisite sculptures, of the finest bronze and wood, from Guina Bissau, Ivory Coast, Nigeria, Cameroon, Gabon etc have been caringly curated as collectibles fit for a queen.

To celebrate the 50-year friendship between Singapore and Africa which began in 1964 when a mission tour, which included Singapore's leaders, visited 17 African countries, the OKINKA African Art Exhibition, is proudly premiering in Singapore.

Okinka Exhibition Flyer-1.jpg

An event by ASEACC:


African Art Exhibition


Theme: Art befitting a Queen


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