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Scanning Systems Receives an Investment to Realise the Goals of the Africa Continental Free Trade Area

27 May 2022

Africa50 stated that its equity investment in Scanning Systems, a firm that specialises in the funding and establishment of One-Stop Joint Border Posts (JBPs) in Africa, had been completed.The investment will help Scanning Systems create JBPs, provide effective border administration using contemporary infrastructure and equipment, ease transit, and boost traffic across African borders. This will improve security, cut down on transit time dramatically, and raise tax and customs revenue collection for local and national economies.

The West African Economic and Monetary Union (WAEMU) has chosen Scanning Systems as its preferred partner in recent years for the implementation of JBPs across its Member States.The company has successfully been running the Cinkansé JBP between Burkina Faso and Togo for 10 years and is currently building two more JBPs in Zégoua  and Laléraba.

In a statement from Mory Diané, CEO of Scanning Systems, she remarked that “This is the right time to welcome Africa50 as a strategic partner to support Scanning Systems’ ambitious development plan for One-Stop Joint Border Posts (JBP) in West Africa. This partnership is critical in supporting the development of the right infrastructure to support intra-African trade and the AfCFTA’s objectives of creating a unified market to spur economic development for the continent. Africa50’s reputation, substantial financial resources and extensive network make them ideal partners and I am confident that our combined leadership will drive the development of infrastructure and systems that will scale the movement of goods and services across African borders”.

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